Reminders from God

This Sunday, Brian is going to be teaching from the 2 Peter. In this letter, Peter is reminding the churches of things they already know about their relationship with God. 

We live in a culture that believes what is new is more morally correct. The big call is to not “be on the wrong side of history”. Of course, there are improvements that come to cultures and even God’s people have had to repent of things and change the way they believe and act. But we are in dangerous territory when we throw away the the doctrines of how holy God is, how sinful man is, and how big God’s grace is. When culture wants to make amendments to the definition of marriage, or life or wants to throw away doctrines of sexual purity or wants to distort the design of manhood and womanhood, a weakened biblical worldview will not sustain you. We need reminders. We need to spend time in God’s word. Every day we should be so prepared for the devil’s schemes we can be like Jesus in the wilderness, always having the right scripture at the right time.

 If you were at Ferris Hill on the Sunday Roy preached about the armor of God  or listened to the podcast you learned about the sword of the Spirit. The sword is God’s word. As we learned or were reminded of that day, the sword is a dagger. Being used to cut right where it needs to. The bible verses we memorize into our heart will be the sword in times of temptation. When you are tempted to give into what the world says is right, what “everyone’s” doing, be reminded of what God’s word says. When trials come as Jesus said they would when you resist the world’s ways, be reminded He has “overcome the world”.

Spend time in God’s word. Be reminded of His holiness, be reminded of your sinfulness, and be reminded of His love and grace.