Be Obedient

Being obedient to God allows Him to bless us and allows Him to not to punish us.   It is the same with parents and children.  When your child behaves they get rewarded and not punished.  Only it is so much more with God, simply do the act He is asking of you is usually a blessing or produces its own blessing.  I cannot tell you how blessed I was by the kind words of others after giving my testimony in church.  Some said they could relate to part, some just said thank you for the courage and some said so much more.  What a blessing all of their words were.  I was simply being obedient.  Also, let me make it clear.  I was relying very heavily on God’s courage and strength to get me through that whole testimony.   The blessings I have received out of sharing that have truly been too many to number!

I recently had an opportunity to talk with my step-daughter.   I should tell you a bit about her.  She is 25, exceptionally bright and was not raised in church.  She was 22 when her parents divorced.  Now, I was cooking and she was watching and we were just having light conversation. When I asked her, “Do you believe in God?”  I could tell she wasn’t comfortable, but she answered that she did believed in a higher power that was in control and created all things.  I am thinking “ok, at least we don’t have to deal with any wrong theories or any non-belief!”  I asked her (guided by the Holy Spirit!) “Do you know why Jesus came to earth?” She perked up and said “No.”  I was so shocked.  Here was someone who had never really been told the whole story of Jesus.  So, I proceeded to tell her the story.  She listened!  It was a moment between us that I will never forget.  She did not give her life to Jesus.  But I am reminded of something that keeps being said in church.  “It is our job to tell them about God. It is His job to save them.”  I am ok with that.  I also told her that, I had done my job in telling her about Jesus, God will do His part in calling her and she will get to either choose or reject Him.  Again, I was being obedient.  Seeing her face light up with the understanding of why Jesus came to earth was such a blessing to me. 

So, as I close I urge you to simply be obedient.  Listen to your Father.  He wants to reward (bless) you and not punish you.  I have such a Christian love for each of you who take the time to read my blog.  Thank you!


One thought on “Be Obedient

  1. Can I just say that this is the same sort of blessing I get every single time I’m obedient and share my testimony/the gospel with people. Your obedience is inspiring and you are an amazing friend. We are all very blessed because of you. Keep staying focused my friend!

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