Answering God’s Call

If you are a Christian you have already answered God’s call at least once.  You answered His call to declare Jesus as your Lord and to repent of your sins.  Once we as Christians answer that first call, God doesn’t quit calling upon us.  He calls some to be teachers, musicians, preachers, treasurers within a church, greeters, nursery workers and the list goes on.  If God hasn’t called you to be in a specific position within a church then the Christian calling still applies.  That is the call to share the good news of Jesus and make disciples of others. 

God has placed a calling on FHBC to have a heart for missions.  Not only local to our church and our own neighborhoods, but also Haiti and unreached people groups (being the HanChinese.)  On January 12, 2010 a 7.0 earthquake unraveled the tiny island country of Haiti.  Since then tens of thousands Haitians have embraced Jesus as their Lord.  In order to provide support for these new Christians, churches and Pastors need to be in place. That is where mission trips, like the one FHBC has planned for June 20-26th, comes into play.  Also, during this trip the team will be spreading the wonderful news of Jesus to through a Vacation Bible School, pastor/wife training and a Revival. 

God isn’t calling you to go on a Haitian mission trip?  That is okay.  He doesn’t call everyone to do the same things much like your eyes can’t hear because you have ears for that.  There is a team who has been called by God to go to Haiti.  In order to make God’s calling FHBC to Haiti possible, we have all been asked and called to be a partner by praying for financial support and by providing financial support as God lays it on our hearts. 

If you are reading this and aren’t a part of FHBC, but are being called by God to be a prayer or financial partner  you can find more information about the Haiti mission trip on the church website:



I am in!

It made my earthly father mad this weekend.  I have had the discussion with my dad at least 10 times before, but I prayed and tried again on Sunday.  He believes a “supreme being” created everything then ceased to exist.   Man did everything else and along with evolution we are where we are now, according to my dad.  I can’t even attempt to follow his logic.  He was raised and confirmed Lutheran but has denounced Jesus and God.  I have asked what he believes happens when we die and he said we just simply cease to exist.  It is a rather depressing outlook. 

 He was upset with me for bring up Jesus Christ again to him, but I didn’t care!  I had to try again to win him over.  I know he sees a difference in my husband and in me, but he just sees us as fools for believing in God.  Oh, he would never actually say that, he believes everyone is entitled to their own belief which is why he always gets mad at me for trying to speak about Jesus.  Maybe it wasn’t the right time, maybe it never will be.  But I will keep trying.  One thing was different this time – after “the discussion” was over, I prayed about it and God gave me a peace and a comfort like never before.  That is how I am so certain that my Heavenly Father is happy I tried yet again. 

 I have been exceedingly blessed in my life, God gave me two dads.  My natural father (whom I have been speaking about) and my step-father who loved me just as his own and actually raised me along with my mother.  My step-father was a God loving man who taught me to love God.  

 I know this is rather personal information and you may not care, but I am blogging about my Christian experiences, and I am rather proud that I intentionally put myself in an uncomfortable situation for Jesus where as I never would have before. 

 Thank you, Jesus for my growth!  I am in.  I will follow you.  I will put You first.

God loves me

I know it may seem simple, but it absolutely overwhelms me sometimes.  To think that the God of the universe, He who is “I Am”, He who created all things, He who sustains all life loves me.  He knows me, knows how many hairs are on my head.  I am not anyone special in this world.  I haven’t saved anyone’s life, I haven’t discovered a cure for cancer or become some star athlete.  But I am one of God’s children which makes me a joint-heir with Christ (Romans 8:17.) When I think of this is get overwhelmed by God’s love and Grace. 

Thank you, God for adopting me and making me an heir with Christ.  I love you and am so grateful and overwhelmed that you love me.

How do we go from being dead to being alive?

We go from dead in our sin to being alive in Christ by what is known as “Ordo Salutis” or “Order of Salvation.”  We have spent several months studying the doctrine of Order of Salvation, and I am going to attempt to summarize it for you…


Before God even created Heaven and earth, the sky, earth, water, trees, birds or Adam He decided that He would choose us to be called unto Him.  God then in His infinite wisdom and planning put someone in our path to tell us the story of Jesus.  Sometimes we hear about Jesus at a very early age sometimes later in life.  God will send the Holy Spirit down upon us to urge us or call us to Him.  That is the “tender pull of God.”  We have to choose to follow the Spirit and accept Jesus or reject Jesus.  Once we step over the line of faith and believe in our hearts and confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and Savior of our lives and we truly repent from our sins, then, at that very instant, we are made into a new creation in Christ Jesus our Lord.  We are forgiven of all of our sins and the perfect righteousness of Jesus covers us.  Some would say that is enough and it is.  That is our ticket to heaven.  But remember God really, really loves us, so He adopts us and makes us one of His children.  Just like a child being legally adopted into his or her new family by a court order which can never be undone, we too become adopted by our heavenly Father, becoming sealed with the Holy Spirit as a sign and deposit on His promise to us.  Then comes what we often refer to as Sanctification.  The Holy Spirit works within us to make us pure and bring us ever closer to God’s holy standards.  It is walking the walk. Sanctification affects the whole person, our intellect, emotions, spirit and our physical bodies.  We will always be on the path of sanctification, from the time we accept Christ until we die with ever increasing holiness.   The Holy Spirit empowers us, gives us life and gives us power for service.  Having the Holy Spirit within us is how we make it through a world full of sin and are able to keep our eyes on God while continuing to become more like Christ.  Then we die – but for a Christian this is great news!!  Because “absent from the body is to be present with God” (2 Corinthians 5:8).  Our souls immediately go to Heaven and in that instant we are with God.  But what happens to our bodies?  The rejoining of our resurrected body and our souls happen when Christ returns to earth.  This is called glorification.  At this time, our resurrected bodies will be imperishable, glorious, powerful and spiritual.  What a Glorious day that will be!


All of this may seem like a lot to take in, but remember it all starts with simple prayer confessing “with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.” (Romans 10:9-10)  The rest is done by God through the Holy Spirit.  All we have to do is answer His call.


Thank you, Heavenly Father for giving us a way to spend eternity with You!

Being Second

Yesterday was not the first time we’ve heard that we should put God first and ourselves second.  The bumper stickers started with “God is my co-pilot” it wasn’t long before they said, “If God is your co-pilot, switch seats.” 

I sat in church yesterday and listened to the sermon and reflected on my own life.  Upon first reflection, I thought, “Hey, I’m doing pretty good.  I put God first and myself second.”  WRONG!!  I am a human which means I am sinful and resistant to putting myself second to God by my very DNA.  So, I have asked God to reveal to me areas of my life where I am not sitting second chair to God.  Boy, has He started already!!  God has given me areas of my life where I have to work on myself.  I am so thankful that He is faithful to reveal to us how to change to become more Christ like if we only ask. 

I would be amiss not to mention last night’s Super Bowl as it applies to this message.  First of all, I do not follow football and usually watch for the commercials.  But this year, what I found much more interesting than the commercials or the game were the after-game interviews.  Specifically the interview with Russell Wilson, who is the 25 year old, second year in the NFL quarterback for Seattle.  The first time a microphone was put in his face, he was asked how happy was he that he just lead his team to the big win, his response:  “ It is a true blessing.  God is so good.”  This was only about 5 minutes after the game was over.  The next interview with him was when he was being handed the Lombardi Trophy, he again was asked how he felt about his performance, he said; “God is so good, He brought me here a mighty long way!”  I watched these two interviews over and over, first of all the get the quotes right, but more because I was just so impressed that here is someone who gets it – Russell Wilson, who did just lead his team to a huge victory was publically proclaiming that he is second to God.  Amen to that!!