The year 2013 has truly been a Blessed one for so many!  This year, 130 children had presents to open thanks to the heart of our church.  This year, many children received Shoebox presents to open thanks to the heart of our church.  This year, 250 families were able to be helped during “The Great Clothes Giveaway”, thanks to the heart of our church. This year has seen the largest offerings in 60 years, thanks to the heart of our church.  We might not have the biggest or the newest church in town, but we sure do have a great heart at our church.  I am Blessed to have been called to FHBC to be a part of a church with such heart. 


Coming Soon…

Well as we wrap up 2013 and 2014 is just around the corner, Pastor Brian is starting to share some of the “Coming Attractions” for 2014.  I have to tell you they seem exciting.  We’ve already heard about the trip to Haiti at the end of June.  Well, there is also “5 for 5” and “battleBuddies”.  Everything is geared towards making the church reflect Christ more closely.  Also this blog will be able to share your brags on God, yes your praise stories and how He is moving and working within YOUR life!  Exciting this are happening.

Prayerfully yours,


Answered Prayer

I have been praying for some time now for a place to “fit” in at church.  I am not someone who is very talented musically, I do not yet have the Bible knowledge to lead a Sunday School class and I do not have children of my own – so I don’t really click with children.  What I do have is God’s love and gifts from the Holy Spirit.  Well, today God found a place to use me!!  I am to blog about church life, events and the heart of the church.  What a great idea!  I pray that, with the help of the Spirit, I am able to do it justice and share what makes our church so very special.

Prayfully yours,